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Eating at Fox Brothers Bar-B-Q in Atlanta

I was driving to Charlotte for the Book More Travel workshop sponsored by my host agency Gifted Travel Network and wanted to try out several BBQ restaurants for this blog.  Fox Brothers BBQ was featured by Atlanta Magazine as one of the top ten BBQ restaurants in Atlanta and it was close to my driving path. 

Nearly Full Parking Lot

I arrived around 1:30 in the afternoon and there were only a few parking spots left.  That's usually a good sign unless the wait is too long.  The restaurant was near the end of the lunch rush and was clearing out so after a brief wait, I was seated outside on the patio which I prefer to avoid the smoke in a lot of BBQ restaurants. By now, there were plenty of seats outside, but few inside. 

Lots Of Yummy Choices

The waitress promptly arrived at my table and was very friendly and helpful.  She took my drink order for sweet tea with no ice and left to give me time to choose.  The menu had lots of interesting choices including:

  • THE TOMMINATOR-Tots smothered in our Brunswick Stew & topped with melted cheese
  • THE TEXACUTIONER-Chopped brisket, jalapeno cheddar sausage, mustard, onion, pickles on a brioche bun
  • THE EVERYTHING PLATE (4 MEATS)-Meat Options: sausage/ chicken salad/ pulled pork/ beef brisket (chopped/sliced)/ 1/4 chicken*/ ribs/ 4 wings

But I chose the COMBO PLATE (2 MEATS) with pulled pork and brisket for $19.  It was served with white bread and 2 sides.  I chose the potato salad and baked beans.

Only A Short Wait For The Food

My food arrived in about 5 minutes and as you can tell by the photo, it looked great.

How did it taste?

The pork and brisket were both delicious.  There was a lot of flavor in the meat with a hint of smoke that didn't overpower it.  I had to discard a little of the charred outer brisket but my only complaint is there wasn't enough.  I definitely wanted more. The baked beans and potato salad were good enough to order again but nothing special.  The sweet tea was tasty and I took a cup to go.  I would have ordered one of their desserts but I still had a long drive ahead of me and didn't want to get sleepy.  Besides I already had the sweet tea.

Overall Impression

I haven't eaten in enough Atlanta BBQ Restaurants to know where this one ranked but it definitely will rank high and I would go back.  I should mention that I tried to come here in the past but it was too crowded to get in, so keep that in mind if you're in a big hurry.  Another plus for me, especially when in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, is that they didn't offer 5 different types of sauce to choose from.  Offer me your one or two best house made sauces, not all those sweet, sour, thick, etc., sauces that taste like they came out of a can.  They had a good signature sauce and a spicy sauce.

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