I love to eat!! My waistline won't let me eat like I used to. I have to intermittently fast most days so I can FEAST at lunch and then eat lighter at dinner. But I love to eat!!  So lets talk fine food, BBQ in the South, delicious desserts, and so much more.



It's hard to beat the taste of BBQ in Birmingham, AL. Chopped, sliced, inside or outside, pork vs brisket vs ribs. So many choices.  And thankfully, I don't have to choose from five sauces because in Bham, most restaurants just have one great tasting red sauce and sometimes a white sauce. Thank you Bham for making it easy. 

 While I eat at Golden Rule, Jim ‘N Nick's, Full Moon, and Saw's Juke joint (Walker's favorite) the most, there are more great BBQ restaurants  to choose from in Bham. 

P.S.  The brisket at Little Donkey Mexican Restaurant and the brisket panini at Brick & Tin are hard to beat.


Golden Rule Bar-B-Q (Hoover)

(Now Called Archie's BBQ)

My go to for an inside sliced sandwich and arguable the best cheeseburger in town. Nothing fancy, just great tasting pork, beef, fries, and sweet tea. My first stop for out of town friends and I visit enough that they know what I'm going to order.

Jim N Nicks

Jim 'N Nick's Bar-B-Q

My go to for a takeout order of salad with brisket.  And the cheese biscuits and Mac & Cheese are to die for.  A must stop for my daughter and her husband when they visit.  My older son likes to buy a pound of brisket for his dinner.


Saw's Juke Joint-Crestline

This is my younger son's favorite and I like it as well.  His favorite there is the stuffed baker with red and white sauce (roll tide style) despite being an Auburn student.  They also have good salad, burger, and chicken choices.

Full Moon Desserts

Full Moon Bar-B-Que

My go to for desserts and pit cooked brisket. The best carrot cake in town and its hard to beat the cookies half dipped in chocolate.  A large menu with plenty of deliciousness to choose from.

I long for the coffee, the focaccia, the food

BOTTEGA CAFE is always an incredible experience for me. The quality of food is only matched by the quality of service that you receive. I wish I can keep the flavor in my mouth for ever. Many thanks to Pardis and Frank Stitt for bringing Highlands Bar and Grill, Bottega Restaurant, Bottega Cafe, and Chez Fon Fon to Birmingham.
Trey Lott

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