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Dining At Trattoria Giorgio In Greenville, S.C.

A Wonderful Italian Restaurant In Downtown Greenville

Greenville was the overnight stop on my trip to Charlotte for the Book More Travel Workshop  conducted by my host agency Gifted Travel Network.  I probably could have driven the last two hours due to an abundance of sweet tea from Fox Brothers BBQ in Atlanta, but I had heard so many good things about downtown Greenville that I had to stop.  

Downtown Greenville

After checking in at the Courtyard Greenville Downtown and a brief shower, I took a walk down the street from the hotel.  Downtown Greenville is beautiful and wanted to see a lot more of it, but it was dark and starting to rain so I decided to eat before it was too rainy to walk around.  

I walked up and down Main Street both directions from the hotel taking in the sights.  There were lots of good choices but I really wanted to find a fine dining Italian restaurant to review for this blog.  When I saw the “Ravioli di Spinaci e Noci” on the outside menu, my taste buds were instantly revved up.

Trattoria Giorgio

According to their website, Trattoria Giorgia has served authentic Italian cuisine for the past 24 years.  The dining room was elegant and cozy with exposed brick walls. There was an outdoor courtyard as well but it was either closed due to the rain or the time of year. 

Ravioli di Spinaci e Noci

Ravioli filled with spinach and walnuts in a cream sauce. As good as it sounds, it tasted even better.  The cream sauce was amazing and the pasta and spinach were cooked perfectly.  The taste from the walnuts blended beautifully with the ravioli.  I ate several pieces of the tasty bread as well. I only drank water since I already had lots of sweet tea. 

Overall Impression

I would definitely eat here again and sit outside in the garden courtyard. The waiter was very experienced and I enjoyed talking to him.  The atmosphere was indicative of a fine dining establishment.  The waiting time for the food to be served was appropriate. I highly recommend Trattoria Giorgio if you are in Greenville.

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