About DoubleDocTravel


The tagline for DoubleDocTravel is safer-smarter-easier travel with a side of food, faith, fun and wellness.  But what it's really about is trying to make a positive difference in your life through travel.  There will also be an emphasis on family as I share mine with you.  

You'll find articles on how to travel safer, especially internationally, and how to travel smarter by using points and miles to save money.  I'll also write about easier ways to travel using my listed resources to research and book your trips at a better price.

if you don't have the desire to research and plan your trips or the time to do so, the section called “A Rx To Travel” is my travel advisor section where I do all the research and planning for you.  Initially, my focus will be on luxury river and ocean cruises, but the world is at our fingertips and if I can't book it for you, I know another expert who can (and I will still be there to help you).  As a bonus, I'm proud to say that I am an independent affiliate of Gifted Travel Network — a Virtuoso® Member.

I love to eat so there'll be articles on food, especially BBQ in the South.  I'm definitely opinionated about my favorite BBQ but I want your opinions and recommendations as well.

The “Two Minutes With” section is about faith and it features “two-minute” interviews with pastors and other men and women of God to hear what's on their mind.  Due to Covid 19, it may be awhile before this section is live, but I'm sure you will find it uplifting and informative.

So, what's your story and what's a doubledoc?

Hi, my name is Trey Lott, and I am very glad you're here.  Until 11-26-17, I was a practicing full time medical doctor and chiropractor specializing in the non-surgical treatment of back pain and sports injuries.  I had the best job in the world but it never felt like a job because I loved making a difference in the lives of people with terrible neck and back pain.  During my career, I saw over 27000 patients and until Thursday night, November 16, 2017, I had planned to work another 16 years.  The name DoubleDoc was affectionately given to me by some of my patients because I have 2 different doctorate degrees.

What happened?

My youngest child, Walker, was on the Yale University football team.  My wife Lynn and I were driving to Atlanta from Birmingham to catch a flight to Connecticut  to watch the Yale-Harvard game.  For some reason, the traffic on Interstate 20 stopped and an 18 wheeler hit us from behind at 60 mph while we were stopped.  Apparently, the truck driver liked to watch movies on his phone. We woke up the next day in a hospital in Birmingham, AL.  We have no recollection of the two ER's we went through or the tests they ran on us.  In fact, we both still have about an hour of memory loss before the collision. 

How bad were your injuries?

Without going into specifics, let's just say that we are both blessed to be alive and not paralyzed.  Brain injuries, spinal fractures, ligament damage, etc.  It took a lot of healing and a lot of prayer to get us where we are today.  We are both living examples of modern day miracles.  Unfortunately, my spinal injuries were too great be able to return to the physical demands of my practice.

Why a travel blog?

Once I realized I would never be able to return to my practice, I began to look for another way to make a difference in people's lives.  I considered travel because I always loved to travel and knew it was a great way to make lives better.  As I studied travel, I found out about blogs and I thought it would great to combine a blog with being a travel advisor.  The idea of DoubleDocTravel was born.  It has taken a lot of healing and a lot of studying to get to this point.  This blog will certainly have some ups/downs to begin with so bear with me as it's a work in progress.

Family is Everything

To keep it real, I'll include family photos whenever I can.  This photo has my wife Lynn, my daughter Christie, my two sons J.D. and Walker, my son-in-law Clark, my daughter-in-law Brittany, and my 5 grandchildren.  I am very proud of all of them.