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13 Safer International Travel Tips To Do After You Arrive And Start Having Fun

1) Be Smart With Transportation

Make sure the Uber or Lyft driver calls you by name and their car tag matches what's on your app.  Make sure the taxi meter is not broken or negotiate a flat rate in advance.

2) SIM cards

Buy a local SIM card if you didn't made arrangements with your local provider before you left. They are usually inexpensive and a great way to get data feeds while abroad.  

3) Emergency Contact List

Remember to keep your emergency contact list readily available in case you need it.

4) keep your valuables protected.

I travel with a slash resistant back pack I bought from PacSafe.  Use the hotel safe and if you're staying in a hostel, make sure it has some kind of secure storage.  Always keep your bags close to you and not within reach of potential thieves.  Never put your wallet in your back pocket.  Consider using a money pouch that fits under your clothes.  It's much safer than a purse or backpack that can be slashed.  PacSafe also sells a portable safe you can travel with and lock in your room.  Agravault has a flexsafe that you can use at the beach, pool, etc.

5) Be aware

Be aware of your surroundings especially when walking alone.  Ask the concierge about areas to avoid.  Know which neighborhood you're in.  

6) Don't Stand Out

Try not to bring attention to yourself.  Remember you're a guest in their country so dress and act accordingly.  

7) Protect your stuff

Keep your stuff in front of you. It's not a good idea to hang your purse on the back of your chair or put your bags by your feet.  Instead, put your purse in your lap or in front of your feet with the strap around your leg.  Put any bags you have in front of your feet.  

8) Look back

Always look back when you leave to double check and make sure you didn't leave any valuables behind. 

9) Be careful with strangers

Be careful what you share. While a great part of travel is meeting people from other countries, you don't need to trust them with your personal information. Use licensed tour guides (ask your travel advisor for recommendations).  Don't accept drinks or food from people you don't know.

10) Don't be a hero

If you're being robbed, give up your belongings instead of being injured or killed. Remember you already know not to keep all your cash and credit cards on you and you have a copy of your credit card numbers available.

11) Avoid Internet cafe Credit Card Use

Internet cafe's are havens for criminals who use software to obtain your credit card number. Paying cash is a better idea. Always use a VPN if you are on any public wifi.  My favorite is NordVPN.

12) Be cautious around ATM's

Always cover your pin when using an ATM.  Look for any machine tampering.  Look to see who's around you when completing a transaction.

13) Try not to walk alone

Usually you will be safer with people around you.  Being with a group creates an environment that makes you more intimidating and less likely to be attacked or robbed.  It's also an easier way to make friends.

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