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Hi, I'm Trey Lott, and I am a dual licensed medical doctor and chiropractor, hence the name DoubleDoc, which was affectionately given to me by my former patients.
Why former you ask?  My wife and I were rear-ended by an 18 wheeler going 60 mph while we were stopped on the interstate.  We both woke up in the hospital the next day.  To say we are blessed to be alive is an understatement.
Once I realized I would never be able to return to my physically demanding practice, I began to look at other ways to MAKE A DIFFERENCE and have fun. Ultimately this blog was born.  
The focus of this blog will be safer-smarter-easier travel with a side of food, faith, fun and wellness.  But the purpose will always be to impact your life in a positive way which is what I miss most from being a doctor.
Please keep in touch with me and tell me about your travels.  And be sure to subscribe to receive my weekly updates.
P.S. Forgot to mention that I'm also a travel advisor specializing in cruises from budget to luxury.  I would love to introduce you to my favorite cruises. 

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